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  • Engineering, turnkey projects
  • CE standards. Advice and pre-certification in our facilities, certification filing to official agencies.


Engineering. Custom-made projects. Research, development and execution according to customer’s requirements for any electrical and electronic product. Integration of the product into the customer’s systems. Interdisciplinary projects including mechanics as well as control of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic components. Network, cable or wireless digital communication with remote systems. Microprocessors and PLC controller programming.

Electricity. Execution of complex Turn-key electrical projects. We specialize in wiring and monitoring systems for specific equipment such as press brakes, shears, industrial heaters, air conditioning systems, on-board railroad vehicles systems , etc…

Electronics. Design of electronic systems, modules and cards, both analog and digital. Our capabilities include the production of printed circuit boards as well as their corresponding mechanics. We have experience in the design of:

  • Controllers with 8/16/32 bit microprocessors, I/O cards (opto-isolated, relay and solid), DAC and ADC, communication buses RS232, RS485, RS422, CAN, CANOPEN, USB, Ethernet.
  • DC/DC and AC/DC Converters up to 200W. Electronic ballasts.
  • P.A. Systems, intercommunication systems. 100V Audio-lines.
  • Notice screens (LCD and LED), control button panels and sound generators.
  • Wireless remote management systems from low speed applications (FSK868) up high-speed data transmission such as GPRS/UTMS.
  • Transducer and signal processing. Temperature, pressure, acceleration…

Laboratory. We have our own facilities to carry out pre- certification tests, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety. We have broad experience and knowledge of current standards, applicable proceedings and troubleshooting.

We offer the following services: Advice on current applicable rules and standards for specific cases, limits and ranges to comply with and measures to carry out. Guided measurement of customer’s equipment according to the applicable standards and specifications. Equipment reengineering for non-compliance troubleshooting.

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