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We have at your disposal a wide range of products for railroad vehicles. Programmable controllers (PLC); PA systems and intercom; noticeboards; acceleration, positioning and smoke sensors;, etc… Our PLC controllers allow the control of locomotive traction, doors and access, air-conditioning, lighting…
Control consoles and CAN PLC controllers, designed for processing control of on-board truck equipments. Input and control through bus CAN or CANOPEN, complemented with analogue and digital data inputs and outputs. Remote management through RF signals.
PLC controllers programming (both MYPE’s and standard market units) for industry machinery. Custom-made manufacture of electric control panels. Mechanics, electric and electronic integration. Complementary products such as screens, indicators and sensors.
Lighting and PAS general control panels (consoles) for. Submarine specific battery chargers.
Specialists in photovoltaic solar energy. Management and monitoring control panels. Both network and off grid (battery chargers, CC or AC/DC power supply, also for additional applications like water-pumping). Safety and measurement.
Our engineering department is ready to meet any request about electronics and programming. Our production line is suited for both large and small series, thus ready for all kinds of projects. We have developed several price and quality competitive models of ballasts, converters, PLC controllers.
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