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MYPE’s staff comprises 30-professionals, working in 1,000 Sq.m. facilities, with the following equipment and resources:

  • Engineering Department, for product design & development, and project control.
  • Laboratory of electronic development, fully equipped.
  • Purchasing Department.
  • Electromechanical assembly.  Spacious workshop, prepared for overdimensioned boards and panels.
    Assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB) for prototypes. Pick&Place and manual welding (wave or reflow) in order to optimize prototypes’ and small-series processes and costs.
  • Production line. Including assembly, integration and electronic test, ready for the manufacture of both complex and start-up projects.
  • EMC and quality laboratory equipped with anechoic and faraday chambers. Conditioned with instrumentation for radiated and conducted EMC measures. Climatic chamber for product qualification and Burn-in tests.
  • artners’ network integrated within our planning and purchasing system, in order to be able to offer with promptness and at a low cost: mechanical design, series mechanized production, PCI manufacture and assembly line, and painting .





















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